If you’re still using Schedule Xpress, you’re missing out on the enhanced capabilities of Service Schedule.

How is Service Schedule better than Schedule Xpress?

With Service Schedule, you can

  • Schedule appointments from any repair order screen
  • Create a prewrite at the time of scheduling
  • Integrate in real time with Autosoft Connect partners
  • Transfer appointments made from your website to your schedule with one click
  • Double-click to apply labor operations to the appointment
  • Choose 24/7 appointment options to mirror all the days and hours you’re open
  • Click-and-drag for an expandable view
  • Customize, customize, customize all your scheduling options
    • Choose schedule headings and display by Advisor, Technician, Team, Bay, etc.
    • Choose colors for appointment type, open times, blocked times, etc.
    • Choose to display the schedule in 15 minute increments or full quoted time
    • Choose to block times based on quoted services if you wish
    • Choose to incorporate lunch schedules and vacation schedules
    • Choose to print schedule by date range of appointments or no-show’s
    • Choose range of time to tag with one step

Still not convinced to convert?

  • Don’t want to transfer or lose all the appointments you already have on Schedule Xpress?
    • No problem. Appointments automatically transfer to Service Schedule. Just realign them to your new setup in Service Schedule..
  • Don’t have the time for a conversion?
    • Three clicks begin the process. Convert in minutes.
  • Can’t have the down time to train your staff?
    • Easy to follow videos train them for you. If you still need more, online manuals are always available.

Ready now? Great!

All it takes to convert to Service Schedule is running a quick, one-time conversion.*Follow these easy steps.

steps for Service Scheduler
*Once you’ve completed the conversion, you cannot return to Schedule Xpress or choose a different display setup. You will be fully transferred to Service Schedule and will be unable to reverse the process.


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