F&I Menu Sales and Reporting Solutions

The Impact Group’s Fusion™ menu system offers F&I managers the opportunity to present their aftermarket offerings through an efficient, interactive approach. The system is designed to counteract a customer’s expectations for a high pressure sales pitch and create a non-adversarial, consultative atmosphere. Fusion™ allows F&I managers to present with compelling, third party sales tools, close with ease, and complete their delivery process quickly and seamlessly. The Impact Group also offers Impact Performance™, a reporting tool that provides powerful insight into the effort and quality of each presentation and the end result.

 How Fusion Menu Works

Fusion™ greets the customer with an unexpected and low-key interview process, followed by an informative product presentation that emphasizes the individual needs of that customer. The closing phase provides the ability to make quick, on-the-fly adjustments or access compelling objection handling tools that can be utilized to further illustrate how a product satisfies the customer’s needs.

Impact Group's Fusion Menu Sales Tools

Fusion™ Menu Sales Tools

How Impact Performance Reporting Works

The Impact Performance™ reporting system helps you evaluate the “dollars and cents” of the final result, but also incorporates valuable information on how the Fusion™ presentation was made. For the first time, you will know which products were shown to the customer, the depth of each presentation, how the F&I Manager handled any customer objections, and the impact each of these factors had on the final result.

Impact Performance Reporting

Impact Performance™ Reporting

Electronic F&I Menus Help Ensure Compliance

Full disclosure and regulatory compliance are at the heart of Fusion™ and Impact Performance™. The system is engineered to promote ethical behavior and proper disclosures without sacrificing profitability.

For more information about The Impact Group’s F&I menu and reporting solutions, please call 800.667.2614, email info@theimpactgroup.com, or fill out a quick form online at www.theimpactgroup.com/contact.

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