AutoUpLink Tech is an innovative company redefining photography, videography, and window label services for dealerships

This is their manifesto: Commerce now depends on data and content as much as it used to depend on “Location, Location, Location.” Vehicles listed without accurate and engaging content literally get left behind. Enough vehicles get left behind and you get left behind. It’s that serious.

The road to the sale begins with engaging marketing content that tells each VIN’s story. Sure, you can list vehicles online with “lot shot” quality photos, shaky video, “meh” quality comments, and lacking highlighted selling features, but will you increase sales velocity in today’s uber-competitive marketplace? More importantly, what will shoppers think and feel about your company when you waste their time with half-baked listings?

It’s for these reasons that AutoUpLink Tech has been quietly and methodically reinventing lot services for the automotive industry based on their mission to accelerate digital commerce for retailers. And they’re doing unique things that traditional lot services vendors have avoided:

  • New Vehicle Photo Cloning: AutoUpLink doesn’t just ring the cash register by touching every new vehicle in stock throughout the model year. They create high-quality photos of each Series & Trim-level vehicle (color combo specific mind you) once each year, and then their proprietary software reliably clones the photos for the rest of the year not only reducing content generation costs but accelerating time to market by listing real photos online before new vehicles ever arrive from the factory.
  • Daily Service Visits: AutoUpLink is there at your dealership when you need them. They don’t make clients wait around for us like cable TV companies did 10 years ago.
  • Guaranteed Photo Coverage Level: Your desired photo coverage percentage is in writing in their service contract. You get full accountability from day one for the life of the engagement.
  • Real-Time “Uploads”: When your assigned vehicle marketing specialist services vehicles at your dealership(s) they use AutoUpLink’s proprietary lot services mobile app, uploading and syncing data, photos, and video while they work.

But there’s more to our story and more that AutoUpLink Tech can do for you to accelerate your business. Learn more by calling 888.944.9202 or visiting

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, AutoUpLink Tech’s origins began in providing on-the-lot services to retailers in 1999 and the firm grew organically to support over 2,300 retailers by 2018 with active clients from California to Virginia and from Minnesota to Texas.

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