Part of running a successful store is handling complex challenges quickly and efficiently. From meeting revenue goals to keeping up with day-to-day processes, you always have a lot on your plate. AutoLoop™ helps resolve those daily difficulties with one fully-integrated platform tailored precisely for each dealership or OEM. Automotive marketing expertise and a specialty in creating dealer-centric solutions since 2005 means AutoLoop’s suite of tools work together seamlessly. That way you can maximize sales, streamline service, market to each and every customer, and put it all together to drive revenue.

AutoLoop’s comprehensive Sales and Service Suite includes industry-leading tools such as:

  • AutoLoop Essentials – Targeted, multi-channel marketing shown to strategically engage every customer and deliver a 20:1 ROI.
  • AutoLoop Quote – Advanced equity mining that captures up to 20% more profit by identifying in-equity customers and generating personalized quotes.
  • AutoLoop Book – Customer scheduling and service management that offers up to a 73% online appointment completion rate—33% higher than our closest competitor.
  • AutoLoop SmartLane – Streamlined, mobile service lane check-in and management that generates an average 44% increase in RO dollars.
  • AutoLoop MPI – The industry’s most user-friendly multi-point inspection tool and in-lane solution for more upsell and higher efficiency.

By integrating a single, smart solution with Autosoft, AutoLoop streamlines and simplifies processes in every area of your store for top-tier profitability. To learn more about cutting costs with one sales, service, and marketing solution, call AutoLoop at 877-850-2010 or visit

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