ARSloaner is a cloud based loaner car management system that provides automotive dealerships a way to easily manage their loaner fleets and streamline the loaner fleet management process. The system prints the required forms for most manufacturer programs on plain paper and keeps an electronic record of the data required by both the manufacturer and the insurance company.

Dealers who sign up with ARSloaner do so for several main reasons. First, they want to eliminate handwriting paper rental forms and ensure all customer data is captured accurately. Second, they want to eliminate the need to track fleet data in a spreadsheet or on a whiteboard. In addition, they want to ensure they maximize the revenue from their loaner fleet.

Knowing when to cycle cars out of the fleet is another challenge that ARSloaner addresses by using color changes to tell dealers when a car has hit predefined limits on miles and/or time.

ARSloaner also integrates with the Autosoft DMS pulling in customer data and auto-filling the customer data on the rental contract.

ARSloaner Features:

  • Authorized to print PDP Insurance Group forms for GM, Ford, and KIA
  • Prints forms on plain paper
  • Paperless write-up option available using digital signature
  • Digital dashboard helps to quickly determine fleet efficiency and profitability
  • 30 day risk free trial
  • No contract (month to month)
  • No charge per user (add as many users as you want for no charge)
  • Brand specific system for GM dealers (designed to meet GM requirements)
  • Brand specific system for Ford dealers (designed to meet Ford requirements)


Contact ARSloaner today for a free demo and to see how ARSloaner can solve your loaner car headaches.

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